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REBT/ counseling and therapy course in Mumbai by Swati Khanolkar

REBT (theory and applications) –The aim of this professional application based certificate course of 42 hrs is to gain in-depth understanding of principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in theory and to get a thorough training in its practical application. Along with the main tenets of REBT, cognitive, emotive and behavioral techniques used in REBT are also covered. It takes a closer look at how REBT perceives and tackles emotional disturbances such as anxiety, anger, depression etc. and other common problem areas such as addictions, marital problems and behavioural problems in children thus aiming to prepare the participants to work with a wide variety of clients. High emphasis is given to identifying self-disturbing patterns of thoughts and beliefs through homework assignments and also practising being in the counselor’s seat.

Conviction that a particular therapy works comes only when you first personally experience its helping effects on yourself. That is exactly what this workshop offers: personal change through the course of professional gain.

Ways in which this workshop will benefit you
• It will give you specific, concrete and structured understanding of the therapy so that you are able to put it to use effectively with yourself and your clients.
• Secondly, all the practice mock sessions will be supervised and detailed feedback will be provided
• Since, REBT is an active directive therapy in nature; you will also receive that kind of active directive help and training during the course.
• By observing the trainer during demonstration sessions, you will gain insight into verbal, non verbal and overall conduction of therapy.
• It will also provide you with hands on experience of the various techniques used in REBT, as you would be given homework based on these.
• Help in developing overall skills as a counselor
• REBT will help you deal with your own emotional disturbances that come in the way of dealing with practical problems.
• You will gain insight and understanding of how you are contributing to and helping maintain your emotional disturbances
• It will empower you to make proactive choices to move towards your goals.
• You will be able to keep yourself minimally disturbed, even during difficult times and gain acceptance of situations that are out of your control.
• Overall, you will learn how to think, feel and act in a self-helping manner rather than a self-defeating manner.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy course module
Sessions 1-6
Theory of REBT
• We are not directly affected by things but by the view we take of them.
• Explaining A, B, C with egs.
• C – Healthy v/s Unhealthy negative emotions
• B-rational v/s Irrational Thoughts
• Criteria of Rationality
• Goal setting
• How to identify Irrational B?
• Exercises to identify ‘B’ in different situations of emotional disturbance

Detect, Discriminate and Dispute B
• Exercises to discriminate between rational and Irrational B
• 3 categories of irrational beliefs and the disturbances they lead to
• Exercises to categorize one’s irrational beliefs in these categories
• Disputing the B – Live demonstration
• Some general questions that help disputation
• Introduction to musturbatory distortions
• Homework exercises for disputation

Emotional Awareness
• Awareness and experiencing of various disturbing emotions such as: Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Shame, Self-blame, self-hatred, Anger, hopelessness. LFT
• Exercises in distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy negative emotions
• Demo of how each unhealthy negative emotion has distinct self talk preceding it

Techniques of Disputation – Cognitive methods
• Disputation of live cases
• Coping rational self statements
• Reframing
• Paradoxical Intentions
• Identifying Musturbations and Disputing
• Identifying cognitive errors and disputing – Generalizations, Selective Abstractions, Polarized thinking, Catastrophizing, I-Can’t-stand-it-it is

Techniques of Disputation – emotive methods
• Unconditional Acceptance
• Humor
• Self-Disclosure
• Shame-attacking exercises
• Role-Play
• Risk-taking exercises
• Rational Emotive Imagery
• Use of stories and parables

Techniques of Disputation – Behavioral methods
• Desensitization techniques
• Reinforcement and Punishment
• Relaxation techniques
• In Vivo Exposure
• Homework assignments
• Skills Training – assertiveness training, social skills Training
• Cost-benefit Analysis

Sessions 7-14

• Anxiety and REBT – REBT’s specific conceptualization of Anxiety, diff. types of anxiety, Inference chaining, identifying the critical A, Identification and disputing of specific IBs underpinning anxiety
• Anger – myths related to anger, detecting, discriminating and debating IBs, specific techniques to deal with anger, philosophic empathy, active-directive goal-setting in therapy
• Cognitive triad of depression, Disputing Irrational Depressogenic beliefs, Socratic disputing, Identifying IBs underlying procrastination, 3 factors affecting procrastination/short range hedonism – instant gratification, discomfort anxiety, entitlement, assessing meta-emotional problems
• REBT and addiction - common theme of addictive thinking, irrational thought patterns identified in addicts, disputing LFT beliefs, dealing with resistance to change
• REBT for marital issues – mate selection, problem solving, vicious circles in marriage, irrationalities of communication, real incompatibility Vs individual neurosis, using emotive and behavioral techniques for disputing
• REBT with children - lessons and activities which deal with target rational-emotive concepts, feelings, mistake-making, challenging, questioning irrational assumptions, to develop greater self-understanding, more positive self-concepts, problem-solving techniques, and critical thinking skills which can lead to a more responsible and self-enhancing existence.
• REBT to deal with counselors’ disturbances—disputing IB’s related to being in the counselors’ chair

Contact no: 24307850, 9920545846
Venue: Plot no. 75, Opp. Matunga rly. Stn. West, Behind Baba Wines,
T.H. Kataria Marg, Mumbai 16
Name :swati khanolkar
Date: May 29, 2010 03:19 PM

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